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1776 David McCullough 2005 American History
A Journey into Ohio in 1810 Margaret Van Horn Dwight 1991 American History
Founding Brothers Joseph J. Ellis 2000 American History
Great Stories of the American West Various 1994 American History
The American Constitution - For and Against J. R. Pole 1987 American History
The Campaign that Won America - Yorktown Burke Davis 2002 American History
The Development of America Fremont P. Wirth
American History
The Ohio Frontier - 1720 to 1830 R. Douglas Hurt 1998 American History
The Rights of Man Thomas Paine 1987 American History
The Wars of America, Vol II - San Juan Hill to Tonkin Robert Leckie 1968 American History
What Would the Founders Do? Richard Brookhiser 2006 American History
A Sketch of the Life and Character of Daniel Boone Ted Franklin Belue 1997 Biography
A Thousand Miles of Mustangin' Ben K Green 1972 Biography
A Young Patriot: Joseph Plumb Martin Jim Murphy 1995 Biography
Abraham Lincoln of Kentucky - An Interview with the President Wade Hall 2008 Biography
An Officer's Notes (US Cavalry) Capt. C.  M. Parker 1917 Biography
Andrew Jackson and His America Milton Meltzer 1993 Biography
Belle Starr Green and Stanford 1992 Biography
Benjamin Franklin: An American Life Walter Isaacson 2003 Biography
Betty Zane Zane Grey   Biography
Biographicaal Sketches of the Pioneers, their lives and adventures Dale Payne 2006 Biography
Boone: A Biography Robert Morgan 2007 Biography
Brave Men Ernie Pyle 1944 Biography
Captain Cook and the South Pacific Oliver Warner 1963 Biography
Cochise Peter Aleshire 2001 Biography
Daniel Boone John S. C. Abbott 2015 Biography
Forging a President: How the Wild West Created Teddy Roosevelt William Hazelgrove 2017 Biography
Geronimo (Autobiography) Geronimo 1996 Biography
Horsing around a Lot Stu Campbell 2004 Biography
Jim Bridger J. Cecil Alter 1950 Biography
Joe Meek, the merry mountain man Stanley Vestal 1963 Biography
John Colter: His Years in the Rockies Burton Harris 1993 Biography
Journal of a Trapper Osborne Russell   Biography
Kit Carson M. Morgan Estergreen 1962 Biography
Kit Carson's Autobiography Kit Carson 1966 Biography
Lewis and Clark and the Route to the Pacific Seamus Cavan 1991 Biography
Lone Cowboy Will James 1932 Biography
Montcalm and Wolfe - The French and Indian War Francis Parkman 2001 Biography
Mountain Man - Vardis Fisher (Inspiration for Jeremiah Johnson)   1977 Biography
Real Life Adventures of David Crockett Buddy Levy 2005 Biography
The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin H. W. Brands 2000 Biography
The Last of the Mountain Men Harold Peterson 1969 Biography
The Life and Times of Lewis Wetzel C. B. Allman 2007 Biography
The Life of Buffalo Bill (Autobiography) William Cody 1991 Biography
The Memoirs of Chief Red Fox   1971 Biography
The Settlers' West Martin F. Schmitt 1955 Biography
True Tales of the Old West, Vol. 12 - Frontiersmen Charles L. Convis 1999 Biography
Lewis and Clark - Through Indian Eyes Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. 2006 Essays
Boone  Cameron Judd 1995 Fiction
Dream of Eagles William W. Johnstone 1994 Fiction
End of the Drive Louis L'Amour   Fiction
Follow the River James Alexander Thom 1981 Fiction
Homeland John Jakes 1993 Fiction
Hondo Louis L'Amour   Fiction
Monument Rock Louis L'Amour   Fiction
My Brother Sam is Dead James Lincoln & Christopher Collins 1974 Fiction
Smoky the Cowhorse Will James 1993 Fiction
The Brothers O'Brien: A Time to Slaughter William W. Johnstone 2013 Fiction
The Devil's Roundup Will Cook 2003 Fiction
The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper 2003 Fiction
The Lonesome Gods Louis L'Amour   Fiction
The Quest of Jubal Kane Doug Bowman 1999 Fiction
The Saga of Jenny Wiley Harry M. Caudill 1997 Fiction
The Spy James Fenimore Cooper 1997 Fiction
Travels Michael Chrichton 1988 Fiction
Tucker Louis L'Amour   Fiction
American Folklore and Legend Reader's Digest 1978 Historical Fiction
Blue Jacket, War Chief of the Shawnee Allen W. Eckert   Historical Fiction
Fighting Caravans Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
From Sea to Shining Sea James Alexander Thom 1984 Historical Fiction
Majesty's Rancho Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
Mayflower Nathaniel Philbrick 2006 Historical Fiction
Men to Match My Mountains Irving Stone 1982 Historical Fiction
Noble Outlaw: John Wesley Hardin Matt Braun 1975 Historical Fiction
Oh, Kentucky! - The Story of Kitty Gentry Betty Layman Receveur 1990 Historical Fiction
Raiders of Spanish Peaks Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
Riders of the Purple Sage Zane Grey 1912 Historical Fiction
Robbers' Roost Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
Sunset Pass Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
That Dark and Bloody River Allen W. Eckert   Historical Fiction
The Conquerors Allen W. Eckert   Historical Fiction
The Desert of Wheat Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
The Frontiersmen Allen W. Eckert   Historical Fiction
The Last Trail Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
The Lone Star Ranger Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
The Man of the Forest Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
The Mysterious Rider Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
The Vast Land Stephan E. Ambrose 2003 Historical Fiction
The Wilderness War Allen W. Eckert   Historical Fiction
The Young Lion Hunter Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
Twilight of Empire Allen W. Eckert   Historical Fiction
Under the Tonto Rim Zane Grey   Historical Fiction
Wild Season Allen W. Eckert   Historical Fiction
Wilderness Empire Allen W. Eckert   Historical Fiction
Book of Old - Time Trades and Tools Anon. 1866/2005 Historical Guide
Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley Susan L. Woodward and Jerry N. McDonald 1986 Historical Guide
The Master Backwoodsman Bradford Angier 1978 Historical Guide
The White House White House Historical Association 1963 Historical Guide
We, the People, The Story of the U.S. Capitol National Geographic 1964 Historical Guide
Zane's Trace - The First Road in Ohio Norris F. Schneider and Clair C. Stebbins 1947/1973 Historical Guide
The Journals of Lewis and Clark Edited by John Bakeless 2002 Lewis and Clark
Aristotle's Physics Trans. By Richard Hope 1970 Misc.
Kinky Friedman's Guide to Texas Etiquette   2001 Misc.
Mysteries of Mankind - Earth's Unexplained Landmarks National Geographic 1992 Misc.
Old Pioneer Recipes Bear Wallow Books 1988 Misc.
The New Archeology David Wilson 1976 Misc.
The Truth about Old Wives' Tales Sue Castle 1997 Misc.
A Native American Feast LucilleRecht Penner 1994 Native
American Woodland Indians Michael G. Johnson 1990 Native
America's Fascinating Indian Heritage Reader's Digest ? Native
Blackcoats Among the Delaware David Zeisberger 1991 Native
How Indians used Desert Plants James W. Cornett 2002 Native
Indian Flints of Ohio Lar Hotham 1986 Native
Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the world Jack Weatherford 1988 Native
Mysteries of the Ancient Americas Reader's Digest 1986 Native
Native Peoples of South America   1959 Native
Recollections of 60 Years on the Ohio Frontier John Johnston, I.A. 2005 Native
Shawnee! James H. Howard 1981 Native
Symphony of Spirit Dancing Feather 1992 Native
Tecumseh: Shawnee Rebel Robert Cwiklik 1995 Native
The Border Wars of the Upper Ohio Valley (1769-1794) William Hintzen 1999 Native
The Mound Builders Robert Silver berg 1986 Native
Turtle Island Alphabet Gerald Hausman 1992 Native
Frontier Memories I - Compiled from the Draper Manuscripts Dale Payne 2002 Non fiction
Frontier Memories II - Compiled from the Draper Manuscripts Dale Payne 2007 Non fiction
Legacies - Collecting America's History at the Smithsonian Scteven Lubar and Kathleen M. Kendrick 2001 Non fiction
Mountainman Crafts and Skills David Montgomery   Non fiction
Narratives of Pioneer Life and Border Warfare Dale Payne 2004 Non fiction
The Ice Master: The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk Jennifer Niven 2000 Non fiction
A History of the Valley of Virginia Samuel Kercheval 2001 Place history
Everyday Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony George F. Dow 1988 Place history
History Unearthed Leonard Woolley 1958 Place history
Jamestown - The Buried Truth William L. Kelso 2006 Place history
Over the Edge - Death in the Grand Canyon Thomas M. Myers 2001 Place history
The Old West Time-Life Books 1990 Place history
They Wrote on Clay - Middle east history Edward Chiera 1956 Place history
The Art of Flintknapping D. C.Waldorf 1993 Skill
The Wilderness Cabin Calvin Rytstrum 1977 Skill
Arizona Ghost Towns and Mining Camps   2000 Travel
A Letter Concerning Toleration John Locke    
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding David Hume    
Constitution of the State of Ohio   2012  
Great Books of the Western World Vol. 35   1988  
Oh, Kentucky! - The Story of Kitty Gentry      
Our Country, Right or Wrong (Biography of Stephan Decatur Leonard F. Guttridge    
The Book of Buckskinning Muzzleloader Magazine 1989  
The Book of Buckskinning III Muzzleloader Magazine 1989  
The Principles of Human Knowledge George Berkeley